Death All Around: DIE! Press Release! DIE! DIE! DIE!

Death to this semester, death to classes whose teachers do not teach but grade harshly, death to deadlines met at last minute, and DEATH TO PRESS RELEASES.

My response to Tom Foremski’s article is one that is in agreement with him. He argues that “press releases are nearly useless”. It is a time consuming act that has tons of spin and fluff that no one cares about.

My biggest concern and most enlightened point when reading this was at the point made about the amount of time wasted by professionals each day. Did we and do we really spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on our education to waste our time? Not me!!

This is why I support Foremski’s proposal to change the format of the information that is presented by PR Professionals in press releases until now.  Foremski writes, “Deconstruct the press release into special sections and tag the information so that as a publisher, I can pre-assemble some of the news story and make the information useful.” Some of the other useful things are:

  • Provide a page of quotes from the CEO or other executives
  • Provide a page of quotes from customers
  • “”from analysts
  • Provide financial information
  • Provide links to the press release copy, as well as links to other relevant information
  • Tag everything so that stories can be preassembled


This way, PR Professionals are no longer putting a spin on stories (that journalists will probably unspin and rewrite anyway), but they are providing truthful and factual information that is not only pushed to the journalists to get coverage, but is also helpful and informative.

Death to being “spin doctors” and death to the Press Release too!

**the Social Media Release is the solution that has been created in response to this idea from Foremski, visit to read more!


One Response to Death All Around: DIE! Press Release! DIE! DIE! DIE!

  1. Loved your opening paragraph! You stated your thoughts quite clearly — and you tagged your posting quite well.

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