PR in Real Life

I thought I should write about my recent experiences with PR in real life. I am soon to be writing about our GSU PRSSA’s trip to National Conference in a more educational format, but for now- Let’s talk about the personal side of it.  PR in real life- its sticky, messy and is often conflict management.

When in a large group of people for more than one day, namely women, it seems that conflicts arise. I just wanted to write about the idea of using our communication classes and skills in our lives in a way that is not only professional and educational. We learn about listening, telling the truth even when it isnt pretty (but in a way that will bring positive to the situation), and respecting our colleagues. However, we forget that our colleagues are our peers and fellow students- our careers have already begun.

Lessons that I have learned on this topic: Do not gossip about your peers or fellow students/ employees- It only reflects badly on your own character, Listen before you react to someone else’s attitude or your perception of them- You dont always know them well enough to read into actions or words, and most importantly- Treat others how you would want to be treated- a simple concept that is so often forgotten in real life


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