PRSSA National Conference 2008

The GSU chapter of PRSSA attended National Conference on Oct.23-27. Here are some of the things that impacted me at the conference. There is much, much more, but these are the little things that made me say- “hmm, thats good.”

“PR is as simple as a thankyou note”- this is something that we have heard over and over. Write one!

“Don’t forget why you do what you do.”- Larry Litwin; We all have stress in our lives, projects, etc, just remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Your actions now lead to your professional habits- start now with time management, honesty, and establishing good contacts and connections through positive relationship building.

A,B,C’s: Anticipate, Be prepared, and Communicate clearly/consistently/completely/concisely

If you know where you are going, all roads will lead to it- know WHERE you are going.

PR Professional’s characteristics: Organized, Detail oriented, Flexible, Deadline minded, Calming Confidence, Professional mindset/attitude, Ambitious, Desire to learn, and the Ability to own your projects.


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