Time Warner- Hire Me!

“We understand that careers are only one dimension of life. Our people lead interesting, multidimensional lives as global citizens, community members, homeowners, students, caregivers, athletes, friends, activists, hobbyists, family members and so much more. The diverse roles and responsibilities that add definition to life can also add complexity, tension and stress-particularly when coupled with the demands of work. The conflicts that occur when work and life demands collide can inhibit the capabilities of our people. Therefore, we strive to provide a workplace that can adapt to peoples’ lifestyles and life stages.”



I would be interested in working for Time Warner because of their open-mindedness about their employee’s lives in work and outside of work. They also have many, many divisions of their company. There are tons of opportunities, especially in PR related jobs. I also like the fact that they have locations in different parts of the country and the world. As a PR professional (soon-to-be) and a Group Fitness Instructor, I really appreciate the Health and Wellness aspect of Employee Benefits, with rewards for living healthy lifestyles and facilities in which to do that. The two factors that would determine which jobs I would want would be location and interest.


Of all of the locations, I would currently want a job in Atlanta, GA. Although, other locations interest me, as it is the best time in my life to just pack up and move somewhere new. (No marriage, No kids, Just graduated college, etc) Interests of mine are PR, Advertising, Sales, and Marketing. The divisions of the company I would be interested in would be Instyle magazine, People magazine, or any other fun, young PR focused job.


So… Hello Time Warner, here I am! Feel free to hire me for your PR team or any other great job that would fit a fun loving, hard working, driven young woman stepping out into the real world in less than a year. 




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