PRSSA Free Webinar

PRSA is offering FREE WEBINAR: “Don’t Be Faceless: Learn 7 Essential Social Media Techniques for PR Success”

Searching for a FREE social media professional development event? We’ve got a FREE WEBINAR that’s just what you’re looking for! Sign up for “Don’t Be Faceless: Learn Seven Essential Social Media Techniques for PR Success” on Wednesday, January 14 @ 3 p.m. EST.

As the world of communications continues to change, it is no longer an option to simply refer to the social media guy or girl within your organization for all things digital. Every public relations pro needs to know the basics of social media and how to apply them effectively. How should social media play a role in your overall communications strategy? In this session you will learn:

– Techniques that are field tested and proven through work with dozens of clients, including some of the world’s largest brands.
– Actionable tips for how to put your knowledge to work the very next day — or perhaps even the same afternoon.
– How to integrate social media and personality into your overall communications strategy so it complements your other efforts.
– Tracking and reporting your success in a way about that will get your boss excited (and reward you).

Join ROHIT BHARGAVA, award-winning author, blogger, founding member and SVP of Ogilvy PR’s 360 Digital Influence, is author of the best-selling new marketing book, “Personality Not Included,” an engaging, useful guide to the future of public relations and how personality and social media are impacting the world of business. He publishes the Influential Marketing blog, which is ranked among the top 50 marketing blogs in the world, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and other global media. He also is a popular keynote speaker on marketing and business strategy and often appears as a guest columnist in media publications. He believes in being approachable, helping others do great things and loves to be identified as a smart marketer — although, he prefers to be described as a nice guy.

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