Social Media vs. The Basics

February 23, 2009

PRSSA National Forum Article

I wrote an article for PRSSA Forum, check it out!

I interviewed a Professor at Auburn University, Robert French, and the Founder of Caffiene Communications, Bryan Lemonds.


Social Media Policy

December 4, 2008

Melanie McBride posted a template, and encouraged her readers to “[Steal This] Personal Social Media Policy.” Since she has this licensed under Creative Commons, I’m sharing it with you here.



[a work in progress]

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

I would love an introduction from new people, but I dont have to have one. If its college friends that I may have been introduced to previously, then no. But if its on Twitter or LinkedIn, then yes. Please introduce yourself and the connection that we have for me to add you.

2. Follow, add, friend: Come on In!

I friend immediately if I am going to friend or add someone. If it takes time, you are probably in Limbo and I feel bad giving a straight rejection…but its coming.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: a-b-C your way out of it!

I prefer to have only professional information, with harmless personal information out there. I dont mind if you see the pictures from my weekend out, as long as they are pictures that I would show my Grandmother. In fact, I dont take pictures that I wouldnt show her, so I guess Im safe! I dont post or write information that should be kept private; I feel that its my responsibility to protect that, not my networks.

4. Signal to noise: Tweet much? Not me…

I am not as active as I have been on Twitter, due to other Social Media interests such as Facebook and blogging (writing and reading) so I really dont mind.

5. Personal data and sharing: Network!

I would love to connect professionally, but that’s it.

6. My networking needs and uses:

Facebook is mostly personal/ organizational with PRSSA

Twitter is professional/ educational

LinkedIn is only professional

I dont use MySpace.

7. Your criteria here: Be Kind, Rewind

Just like any other courtesy based policy, be kind and professional. I dont need to know your personal business and I dont need you in mine 🙂


Economy Depresses, Time Warner Restructures

December 2, 2008

“Challenge unlike we have seen before”


According to an article by the Financial Express, Time Warner faces challenges because of the recent fall in the economy. It plans to restructure, which will cut approximately 600 jobs.

“Industry conditions have been challenging due to the financial crisis, which has produced sharp decreases in advertising spending. This is expected to continue through most of 2009,” Time Inc Chairman and Chief Executive Ann Moore wrote in a memo on Tuesday to employees that was obtained by Reuters.

She said it was a challenge “unlike any we’ve seen before.”

There has been an increasing decline in advertisement spending in U.S. magazines and newspapers. People would rather read free information online than buy it in print. (Here we are reading and writing blogs as they speak!)

This will affect popular magazines, but they will not be closing any of them at this time. The information is not permanent right now, changes differ from day to day with each decision made. The number of employees cut may be between 300-600. The company is also talking about selling their AOL unit to Yahoo.

The positive aspect of this restructuring will be that they will have more opportunities to focus on their Internet-based publics. The plans are to categorize the 24 magazines and websites into three umbrellas: news, style and entertainment, and lifestyle properties.

Positive for PR majors: “Time Inc also will create an advertising sales and marketing group to handle sales across all of Time’s magazine brands, something Moore said was critical because of the difficult ad sales environment. The unit will be run by Stephanie George, also a Time executive vice president.”,20812,1008327,00.html

Public Relations Model-Time Warner

December 2, 2008

I believe that Time Warner uses the Two Way Symmetric Model of Public Relations. Of the PR Models by Grunig and Hunt, this model is appropriately applied to Time Warner. This model gets feedback with view to changing practices, and it is a dialogue instead of a monologue.

Time Warner uses its websites and print to ask for questions and comments from their audiences. In each of the different divisions and businesses, they ask for feedback in order to better serve those who support Time Warner

Achieve Your Goals: Careers within Time Warner

December 2, 2008

With 86,000 employees, there has to be a spot for me, right? When looking for jobs on the Time Warner website, there are different categories. You can search by Industry, Interest, Division, and/or Location. They actually have a PR/Advertising section in the Interest option, and this is what I searched. I found 22 listings for Advertising/Public Relations, ranging in different locations and interests. Interests include PR, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, Publicity, Sales, and Graphic Design. Locations include New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Burbank, CA, and London, UK.


To find jobs on click on careers and follow the directions based on your interests. Check out the “Submit your Resume” feature too- You never know, your next job could be waiting!

Time Warner makes it easy to find jobs tailored to you. They also have wonderful employee benefits and opportunities, for example: Child Care opportunities, Health and Wellness opportunities, and their Employee First Philosophy. Time Warner makes it clear that they value their employees and the work and personal lives of those employees. Within the “Working with Us” feature, you can read stories of current employees and their positive experiences working in the different divisions of Time Warner.


Here is an example of a job listing on the Careers section of the web site:


Job Title

Corporate Communications & New Media Coordinator


Turner Broadcasting


Cable/Broadcast Television Networks
Online Content/Services


United States – Georgia – Atlanta

Requisition #



Full Time

Posting Job Description

Qualifications: Qualifications:

A four-year college degree in Journalism, English, Web Development or the equivalent. Minimum two – four years in online environment. Skilled in the use of Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator. Deep knowledge of the Web and HTML. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrated experiences as part of a high-functioning team.
Knowledge of Flash, SharePoint, multimedia editing. Knowledge of AP Style editing and client service experience a plus.
Duties: Essential Job Functions:
The corporate communications and new media coordinator will help update and maintain corporate online properties. This will entail working with company groups, departments and networks to solicit stories, gather assets, edit communications, format messages for online distribution, schedule promotions and design/edit artwork for online and print as necessary. Additionally the position involves compiling, editing, formatting and distributing daily news digests for online and email distribution, along with a variety of administrative tasks.
Job Requirements:
This position requires a can-do, client-focused mentality; creativity and a broad curiosity; Web savvy and solid graphic design skills; the ability to be flexible, to multi-task and meet tight deadlines; and a facility for working both independently and in a team setting. This person should be proactive in keeping abreast of industry developments and company news; and should not only operate comfortably in the current Web environment, but be forward-thinking and focused on where the field is going.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers.


Extra, Extra: Time Warner Newsroom

December 2, 2008

The Newsroom feature of the Time Warner website is an incredible tool. Features of the Newsroom found on the website are listed below. Every Press Release is on the website and is available for viewing and printing. There are also media contacts from different areas of the company, which is helpful when looking for information about the different aspects of Time Warner. A feature that was particularly helpful to me was the logo files. This allowed me to have official logos for my presentation on Time Warner. Another great feature is the RSS feed possibility; this lets you receive the newest press releases as they are sent out.

Press Releases

-start date, end date, company, key words



-investor relations

-corporate governance


-about us


Contacts and Resources


-Time Inc


-Time Warner Cable

-Home Box Office

-Turner Broadcasting System

-Warner Bros. Entertainment


Media and Identity Materials

-Electronic Press Kit

-Company B-Roll Package

-Coporate Identity Guidelines (English and Chinese)

-Professional Video Materials

-Logo Files

-Usage Files


RSS feed

Subscribe to the RSS feed of Time Warner Press Releases 

Informing, Entertaining, Connecting: About Time Warner

December 2, 2008

“Our enterprise is more than a collection of great brands that are owned under one roof. Time Warner’s businesses strive to gain competitive advantage from opportunities for constructive collaboration.” ( )


Time Warner is a company that has many divisions and many employees, approximately 86,000 worldwide. ( fact sheet) These employees have the characteristics of creativity, talent, and a commitment to excellence. These are Filmed Entertainment, Interactive Services, Cable Systems, and Television Networks and Publishing. The ones that most people are familiar with are in the entertainment sector. Personally, I find that the parts I use the most deal with websites and other online information. In addition, HBO is a huge part for me because of the TV show, True Blood.


“Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions are at the top of their categories. AOL, Time Inc., Time Warner Cable, Home Box Office, Turner Broadcasting System, and Warner Bros. Entertainment maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.” ( )


Informed, Entertained, and Connected: What a perfect way to describe Time Warner and all that it does. This is the “now” of industry, especially in the Public Relations industry. Keeping people informed constantly and quickly, keeping their attention as they have millions of pieces of information thrown at them, and keeping them connected to each other, to their companies, to their interests, etc.


Time Warner takes innovation to a new level with all of the divisions of the company being active publicly with technology, products, and services that they provide. Here are examples of the websites they use to reach a great number of target markets: